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Keep the old Military Vehicles rolling.


 2015 Geneseo Air Show

Easy Company convoyed out to the Geneseo Air Show on Friday, July 10th - Some left from North Syracuse Area to meet others at the Nice N Easy, intersection Rt 90 and 20. Hill's M37 refused to start, so he shows up being driven by his wife in her car for the 2nd year in a row.

All together then, they headed off to Lakeville and check in at the Roadway Inn. Then, off to the Air Show location to set up and chow down on some lunch.

There weren't quite as many WWII aircraft or military vehicles as we usually see, but the Sea Harrier VSTOL eventually made up for all shortcomings. There were also two B25's, an F4F Wildcat, a TBM Avenger, a C47 named "Whiskey 7" that took part in the D-Day drop. There were military trainers as the AT6 and lots of incredible aerobatic aircraft. Because of several factors such as distances and warm temperatures, we as a group decided to use our vehicles to explore the show.

Late Saturday, we drove over to see the Harrier, the pilots and ground crew who are all Marine Corps. They immediately decided that they really liked Jack's Marine Corps '48 Chevy truck and asked him to come back Sunday morning for their planned photo shoot. The next morning, we all went over to the Harrier and the shoot (done by a professional photographer) became the highlight of the show. The photographer told Jack that some of the pictures will probably be used in several calendars.

On our convoy home, Leon's M38 decided that Seneca Falls was as far as it wanted to go without assistance. Since Leon has a solid personal relationship with AAA, this only caused a "slight" delay. The gang had our usual excellent adventure and recommend the show to all our military vehicle friends.
It was a blast!

Chad W.



 P51-D Mustang Quick Silver



 Easy Co. base camp



This is what you get when you say "CHOW TIME" during a military vehicle drag race. 





 Jack's 1944 MB and the B-25 Mitchell



 Chad's M35A2 and B25 Mitchell



Leon getting Michelle Pfeiffer's phone number.



  Nose Art 





 Harrier VTOL crew and Troopers 



(L to R)    ?, Jack D., Bob H., and Chad W.



 Leon's flat fender jeep





 More 2012 Longbranch Truck Show



Bob H. Jr. at the 2012 Longbranch Truck Show 



Lorne C. at the 2012 Longbranch Truck Show