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Keep the old Military Vehicles rolling.

2017 NY-PENN Company Meetings

Hudson - Mohawk Company 
2017 Hudson Mohawk Event Calendar -

Updated October 22 - 2PM at the Home Front Cafe, Altamont (host: Jack Pollard)
November 5 - Need host
December 3 - 2PM at the Home Front Cafe, Altamont (host: Jack Pollard)

 Contact: Bob Muller -email: ironvets at gmail.com , work cell: (518) 810-six 22 four
Easy Company
Syracuse/ Finger Lakes region

The next meeting:  Oct 22 at Brant's

If you have any questions or need directions.

Contact members 

1st Vice President:   Brant M. - email:   bmesser2 at twcny.rr.com
2nd Vice President:  Lorne C. - email:  lorencoon at gmail.com

 A Company

Binghamton and North East PA

The next meeting -  To be announced.

If you have info let me know and I will post it.

Matt    - email:  Magdamatty at tds.net 
Bob M. - email:  Bobmess at quixnet.net
 2009 Memorial Day Parade, Baldwinsville, NY 

Dave Pozzi, in Jack P's Locust light tank at
The Home Front Cafe, Altamont NY
  2011 Memorial Day Parade, Baldwinsville
Rob Andres (driver) and John J. Lafrance (Rob's Uncle riding shotgun).  
JJ was a WWII Combat Veteran w/ 82nd Airborne
  Dave after the 2013 Veteran's Day Parade