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Keep the old Military Vehicles rolling.

M35 Specialty Parts
& Spin On Filter Kits
Replacement Canvas Seat Covers
CUCV Seat Covers & Winter Fronts
John Tennis Ph: (518) 424-8455

JATONKA's website



U.S. Military Vehicles.com 

Looking for a military vehicle?

From projects to motor-pool ready

to factory-class restorations, 

we have many

vehicles available.

 Please check out


or call us anytime at




John Tennis' M543A2
5 Ton Wrecker
(not for sale)

***FOR SALE***
Paul's Mini Mall
Oil, Grease, Glues,
Sealants, Uniforms,
M.O.P. Suits, Canvas,
Gas Cans, & current
Goverment surplus items
Paul Wadeson @
(607) 637-2275

***FOR SALE***
MKT 85
Field Kitchen Trailer, fully equipped.
MBU burners, invertor, battery pack,
cables, ice box, great canopy and travel covers,
many utensils, ready to feed people.
Call (518) 736-8131